Prices of Prints

mini-wallets (set of 8): $10.00
wallets (set of 4): $10.00
3.5 x 5: $5.00
4x5: $5/00
4x6: $5.00
5x5: $10.00
5x7: $15.00
8x8: $25.00

Bulk Prints:
50 - 4x5 (same image): $100.00
50 - 4x6 (same image): $100.00
100 wallets (same image): $100.00

8x10: $25.00
8x12: $35.00
10x10: $45.00
10x13: $50.00
12x12: $55.00
11x14: $80.00
12x18: $125.00
16x20: $150.00
16x24: $165.00
20X24: $200.00
20X30: $250.00

Specialty Finishes:
(please contact me for specific prices)
Canvas on Matboard - $65 + (8x8+)
Gallery Canvas Wrap - $210 + (11x14+)

IMPORTANT INFORMATION regarding print sizes
Some print sizes are not the same shape as the pictures you see here. The pictures you see here in your gallery are rectangular, and 5x7 prints and 8x10 prints, for example, are much closer to squares. In order to print the images with those dimensions, some of the image MUST be trimmed to create the prints with those dimensions. If you do not want any of the picture trimmed, you must order a print size that is the same rectangular shape as the original. Those sizes are: 4x6, 8x12, 12x18, and 20x30. All other sizes will require trimming. When fulfilling your orders, we will be careful to preserve as much of the original composition as possible.

Wallet-size prints are 2½in x 3½in with ROUNDED CORNERS for a polished look that better resists creases and dented edges.
Having a hard time visualizing them?
A typical credit card has rounded corners and is 2in x 3½in. Your wallets will be slightly wider than a credit card with the same rounded corners.